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Effect Of Retarded Impregnation On The Queen Bee

I shall now mention a fact in the physiology of the Queen Bee, more

singular than any which has yet been related.

Huber, while experimenting to ascertain how the Queen was fecundated,

confined some of his young Queens to their hives, by contracting the

entrances, so that they were not able to go in search of the drones,

until three weeks after their birth. To his amazement, these Queens

whose impregnation was thus unnaturally retarded, _never laid any eggs

but such as produced drones_!!

He tried the experiment again and again, but always with the same

result. Some Bee-Keepers, long before his time, had observed that all

the brood in a hive were occasionally drones, and of course, that such

colonies rapidly went to ruin. Before attempting any explanation of this

astonishing fact, I must call the attention of the reader, to another of

the mysteries of the Bee-Hive,